Storage Tips

Tips for packing your
storage items.
  • Record details as you pack. Label and number boxes so you can find items later
  • Store only clean, dry items
  • Drain liquids from items like washing machine hoses and fuel from lawn mowers
  • Remove or disconnect batteries
  • Use extra tape to reinforce boxes
  • Tape electrical cords to appliances, secure and close doors
  • Wrap furniture in blankets/plastic
  • Resist overpacking boxes so they bulge. Even, square boxes are better for stacking
  • Group & secure together long, loose items like brooms/mops or garden tools
  • Position heavy items first, spreading weight evenly in container
  • Reserve light items to place last on top
  • Tie down moveable items using the steel loops at top & bottom of container
These goods CAN’T BE STORED in your container:
  • Explosives
  • Dangerous/hazardous items
  • Enviromentally harmful items
  • Illegal products
  • Stolen goods