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Frequently Asked Questions

We can usually deliver you a container within 48 hours upon signed agreement and payment, delivery will depend on container availability and transport schedule.

Record details as you pack. Label and number boxes so you can find items later

Store only clean, dry items

Drain liquids from items like washing machine hoses and fuel from lawn mowers

Remove or disconnect batteries

Use extra tape to reinforce boxes

Tape electrical cords to appliances, secure and close doors

Wrap furniture in blankets/plastic

Resist overpacking boxes so they bulge. Even, square boxes are better for stacking

Group & secure together long, loose items like brooms/mops or garden tools

Position heavy items first, spreading weight evenly in container

Reserve light items to place last on top

Tie down moveable items using the steel loops at top & bottom of container

These goods CAN’T BE STORED in your container;

  1. Explosives
  2. Dangerous/hazardous items
  3. Enviromentally harmful items
  4. Illegal products
  5. Stolen goods
Normally not required, but every situation is different. Give your local council a call to check.

Monthly hire payments are due 1 month in advance, these will be emailed to you.

Call us on 021 993 354 to advise collection required, 7 days’ notice required.

All our containers are new or near new and have multiple vents, caution in storing damp and wet items inside the container will minimise condensation.

All our containers have factory fitted lock-Boxes for maximum security, a lock added to this makes it virtually impossible to gain entry.